Collection: Wumples

Taylor Adam (aka wumples) has been into art of all kinds since a very young age. Even though he was praised by teachers and fellow students during his 4 years of visual and media arts during high school, he never gained the confidence in his work to take it any further than a hobby. After having stepped away from all things creative for many years, he returned to the art scene in December 2021. Feeling a creative void from working as a fiber optic cable technician, he decided to quit his job and dive head first into the artistic scene of the new generation using the latest in image generating tools and photo manipulation techniques. With a background in traditional graphic design and a great eye for detail, he was able to come up with a variety of designs and ideas that flourished with his instagram following. With a unique style and an eye for bold and vibrant colors, be on the lookout for his latest work. He is just getting started!