Collection: Morysetta

Who has never dreamed of the moon? In December 2018 Larisa Murariu, a self-taught digital collage artist from Romania, has landed on it and if you trust her, her dreams are still from up there. Today Larisa’s personal ‘moon’ has the same name and destiny: Morysetta, an astronaut of the imaginary. Her cosmic vision focuses on daily objects and common feelings just to turn them into something special, as magic as life is (and the moon itself). The secret of this great success is in the empathy behind every single collage: within them human emotions always find a new place to be, without losing their truth. Rather they gain a deeper meaning: while crossing images they get into the essence of a thought, the pureness of a gesture, the source of an idea and - surprise! - no word is needed. Is this the power of the moon? This is the world of Morysetta.