Collection: Helena Art Book

Helena Art Book is a surreal and fantasy artist currently living in London, originally from Czech Republic. Her pieces are about divine and dreamy women who represent passion, innocence and sensitivity. When growing up, Helena felt that being a sensitive dreamer was not always fully appreciated. Therefore, she is passionate about projecting those traits onto her pieces and embracing them fully. There is a deeper psychological or spiritual meaning behind some of her pieces as well.Her work is very much influenced by pop surrealism as her characters have big dreamy eyes. Her mother used to say that all she did as a child was drawing, unfortunately, as well on the walls. It became even bigger passion as she grabbed oils and fell in love with the medium. Therefore, she continues creating with graphite and oils mainly. The name Helena Art Book represents not only her art journey but her life journey and evolvement as well. Helena wishes to dedicate her brand to showing her unique life path. A lot of her pieces narrate her life in general. For that reason, there is the word ,,book'' in her art pseudonym - to represent life chapters and stories.