Collection: André Sanchez

Originally from Bordeaux, the artist André Sanchez moved to Paris in 2000 and began to take an interest in photography, graphic design and collage. He learns digital photography on the job and enjoys all the possibilities it offers. Image processing software, effects, post-production, ... He experiments and creates original works to the point that, quickly, what started as a hobby becomes a passion and, over the years, a full-fledged profession. At the border between photography and graphic design, his style invades galleries all over Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and Brussels) and attracts the attention of many clients among which famous publishing houses (Grasset, Payot & Rivages, Condé Nast, Robert Laffont, ...) and prestigious magazines (Le Monde, Psychologies Magazine, Rolling Stone, Libération, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times, ...).